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At Denton High School, the only reason you would ever eat lunch in the cafeteria was if

you got lunch for free.  This was because it was somewhat easy to skirt around whichever

Kronk-like coach was standing guard at the double doors, but it was 99.99% impossible to

escape the opposite direction with a tray of soggy fries and pizza (unless your name was Macy

or Mandy, the principals’ daughters).  Football players left and went who-knows-where-fast-

food.  IB students ate in the foreign language department, and any girl (or overly chauvinistic

guy) that was musical ate on the sidewalk between the band hall and the orchestra room.

And of course, the moment you became a senior you were absolutely banned from the

cafeteria.  Everyone just knew.  The teachers, even, gave you funny looks if you had to make

the descent of the sloping hallway to the lunchroom if, heaven forbid, you forgot to bring your

lunch that day and didn’t know anyone with a car.  It was better to grab a pack of powdered

donuts and some Doritos out of the vending machines by the sports wing than to make that

trek of doom.

The band juniors and seniors got into the habit of piling into the few cars we had

between us, driving four blocks down, and ordering burritos in bulk from Mi Casita.  They got to

know us there, and would have a tray of six dozen tin foil-wrapped chicos ready for us, along

with a special discount for the Bronco Band.  If you forgot your money with us, it was okay.  The drum majors always had a few extra dollars to spare.

Aside from Fridays, though, there was only one expectation of the lunches you brought

for eating on the sidewalk.  If you had something new or ethnic, you had to bring enough to

share.  The point really was to bring something as unique as possible and create a potluck.  For

example, Britny would bring a Tupperware of homemade oatmeal cinnamon cookies, I

contributed a tin of pimento cheese and some of my momma’s homemade pumpkin pecan

bread, Gaby brought tortillas and guacamole, and Sara was in charge of the carrots and Ranch.  

We all brought other stuff too, like apples and chocolate milk, but just between the woodwinds,

we could have a feast.

When Britny moved into her friend’s parents’ house in the Spring of 2009, she and I

stopped eating lunch.  We’d use the forty minutes holed up in a practice room in the upstairs of

the band hall, flutes untouched across our laps, to just flap our gums.  She fussed about how

ridiculous our band director was, I fussed about how mean my creative writing teacher was,

and we talked about everything and anything, except the important stuff.

Then, an hour later, we’d hop in my Camry and make a pit stop at Sonic for happy hour

(Route 44 sweet raspberry tea for her and a Route 44 Barq’s for me, for a grand total of $2.46),

and drive right back past the school to Bonnie’s house.  I was never really friends with Bonnie,

but her mom absolutely adored Britny, and any friend of Britny’s was always welcome in their

house.  Also, they loved to grill me about being Mormon.

Our school bags never got past the foyer.  Britny and I were always great students, AB

Honor Roll and all that, but after Christmas, our senioritis had kicked in full swing and we just

barely managed to finish enough homework to pass that semester.  We stood in the kitchen,

sipping sugar and munching on microwaved somethings and talked for hours.

I have no idea how we had so much to talk about for so long every day.  I spent more

time with Britny than I spent with my own parents, and I was the only child living at home at

the time.  And as much as we discussed, there were elephants that we never even aspired to

touch.  Parting ways at the end of the summer to different school for the first time since we

were eleven.  My recently-ended abusive relationship.  Her parents’ drug addictions.

I think we didn’t talk about them because we didn’t really have to.  It didn’t take words

for us to communicate.  She could glance at me over the top of her glasses, bottom lip between

her teeth, nostrils flaring, and I could respond with a thirty-second hug, a nod, and a half-smile

with my head cocked to the right.  That’s all we needed.  We were too old to cry and not old

enough to brush it off and say, “We’ll be okay!”  We weren’t okay, but we both knew that, so

not being okay together made it better.
School Lunches
Gosh. I haven't uploaded in...? Anyway. I haven't written in a long time, so I thought I'd share. Memoir.
Loading... the question that no one can let go in my New Genre art class.  So, I open it up to y'all.

In your opinion, what qualifies something as art?
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My sweetheart and I will be sealed together for always and forever on August 18, 2012 in the Dallas, Texas LDS Temple. :heart:

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